Removing an entire office can be a nightmare if it’s not planned correctly; from pre-planning to moving day, so many little things can go wrong. If there’s no clear plan on who, what, why, and how things will be moved. Chaos can lead to unnecessary junk either coming along with you or leaving essential files and equipment behind.

If there were only one, the most straightforward office removal tip would be to leave it to a professional removal company like Right-Way Relocations. From pre-packing to service delivery, a professional packing company will take the trouble out of your office removal and allow you to relax. At the same time, they do all the heavy lifting. However, if you insist on doing it yourself…

Here are Our 10 Best Tips For A Simple, Stress-Free Office Removal.

How To Have An Easy Office Removal

# 1: Pre-Plan – Timing

The most crucial factor in-office removal is planning. Two critical areas need to be managed when planning an office removal, timing and people.

It would help if you had dates planned with the moving companies. If you’re hiring trucks, you need those booked well in advance.

You need to plan the office removal when there isn’t as much stress going on in the office. Moving while a critical business deal is going on could cause too much tension among employees and lead to some adverse outcomes.

# 2: Communication – Employees

Communicate with your employees about the move months ahead of time. Talk with them and ask them about it. See if any upcoming problems may arise you have not thought about. Ask them questions like; What packing materials will you need, bubble wrap, boxes, tape, etc.? How much will they need to take their important documents? Are there any special needs you might need to consider for employees or items?

Your employees are your most valuable asset. Make sure they have a smooth, enjoyable experience so that everyone adjusts to their new office happy, excited and refreshed.

# 3: Tell Your Clients About Moving

Inform clients about your relocation to ensure there aren’t any unduly slip-ups. Let them know in advance if it may impact delivery times on projects or products.

Also, make sure your clients are aware of your new business address. You don’t want any new mail arriving at your old address, do you?

These little details can have enormous consequences if adequately attended to and could make the difference between a successful office removal and an unsuccessful one.

# 4: Ask Employees To Take Home All Personal Property

All of your personal belongings should be taken home as soon as possible. Moving office furniture requires plenty of space and can become quite tight & hazardous. Wasting valuable time and space could cost you big bucks fast.

Make sure any beloved family heirlooms are taken home and not brought on the moving truck with you for a free ride!

# 5: List What’s Essential & Non-Essential

If computers are essential to operating your online eCommerce business or phone lines are crucial for your customer service experience. What needs to stay on in your business even if the whole world burns around you? You need to figure out how to move these items last. Everything else, start packing away. You want your most important units down and offline for the least time possible.

Again, Pre-Planning is paramount.

# 6: What Can Go In A Box Should Go In A Box

Anything that can be fitted into a box easily and left there early on should be done soon. Cleaning and organising everything that’s ‘non-essential’ packed and ready to go is crucial to having a smooth sailing day when the time comes to pack up and move!

# 7: Bin Anything You Don’t Need… Or At Least Recycle It

Consider donating anything you may not be bringing with you to the new office. Salvo’s, Vinnies, and Red Cross love donations from offices, plus your contribution could really help someone! If that beloved couch you first bought when you moved in is starting to get a bit stale and might be too beefy for your new modern office space, it’s probably for the best it goes to a second home.

# 8: Organisation Tip: Use Plenty Of Labels

Keep everything in order and easy to find with labels. Label your boxes to prevent confusion and stop wasted time trying to find items.

# 9: Leaders and Delegators

Someone needs to take responsibility for the move! From hiring the trucks to getting packing materials, someone needs to handle these problems early, or you’ll go over budget!

It’s also important to delegate tasks.

You’ll see that plenty of your employees would be more than willing to help if you just talked to them and asked them what they would like to do.

Office removal is a team effort. Get your employees all on board and on the same page.

# 10: Give Yourself Plenty Of Time

On moving day, the last thing you want to do is run around like a headless chook because you didn’t plan better. Mistakes happen, that’s normal, but many common problems could be avoided with better organisation and time management.

There’s a fine line between having a great experience moving and having a horrible time for everyone. Don’t micromanage everything; you aren’t expected to have a perfect move. Some things will go wrong, but that’s to be expected. Stay flexible with your approach and ring a professional if you need help.

Need Help Moving?

Moving to a new home or office is an exciting time, and ensuring the transition is simple and easy is very important. Our top tips are designed to help you achieve your seamless move.

Contact the team at Right-Way Relocations for a local removalist who can help with your next move.