Relocation can be a common thing for many Australians. In a typical 12-month period 30-35% of Australians relocate themselves at least one time. Many people chose to do it in winter to lower the cost of relocation.

However, wintertime might not be ideal for some obvious reasons. It’s cold, wet and mentally torturing if you have to stay outside of your warm and cozy home. But what if there is a way to make all these easier?

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Here are some tips that guarantee you a smooth perfect winter relocation experience.

Check the weather and know what’s ahead 

It’s not always cold and wet in the winter. Rain patterns vary throughout the days and hours in winter. Check the weather in advance and pick a day that has the least amount of rain forecasted. 

You might be surprised by the nice sunshine in between the horrible rain. Websites like the Bureau of Meteorology provide you with a reliable prediction about the weather for the upcoming days. Using the data you can confidently schedule your relocation day.

Sort out your things

It’s easy to feel disoriented when things are all over the place. Every decision seems impossible to make. Let alone for the rest of the planning. You need to know what you are dealing with when you move to a new place. Luckily enough, here are some sorting tips to help you get right back on track and make the task possible.

Protection and packaging of small items

Just like babies and toddlers, some items need extra attention because of their delicate nature. They are either easy to break or can be hard to locate. Before you put those items into a box, there are a few things you need to do and buy. 

Categorise the small item and use an extra layer to protect them. Feel free to check out our tips for moving houses on how to pack small items. Make sure the water wouldn’t get inside the box and protection and your beloved item would be safe and sound travelling through the rain.

Prepare heavy items

Small items can be easy to deal with but when it comes to huge furniture, it involves lots of physical labour. Many people would consider it the most important task during moving.  Although it is highly recommended to hire a removalist to do the heavy task to avoid injuries. You can still do it yourself by following Right-way furniture moving tips.

Know the dimension

After all the heavy work you have done, now it’s time for you to figure out the entire workload. Typical removalist companies would measure the items in terms of volume. We suggest you do the same cause it is easy to visualise and plan. Knowing the dimensions of your boxes and furniture provides you with a clear idea of how big the truck you’re going to need. What’s more, it actually tells you how many people you need for the job.

Using the right trucks

For small dimensions you can use a small car to move the items, however, due to the recent rise in petrol price, it is highly recommended you use a decent size ute to reduce the amount running back and forth. 

Moreover, a ute is designed to have better vision and accommodate a wide range of road conditions. As for the furniture and large items, it is always a good idea to hire a truck to do the job and avoid damage to your car.

Get extra help 

Moving items around is never a one-man job. Overexertion could lead to chronic pain in your body. In some extreme cases, it will turn into a medical emergency.  Hence it is always a good idea to ask your friends or even a removalist to help you.

Nice home welcome

No one wants a cold welcome during winter. So make sure your new address is connected to the grid by the time you move in. Lights on, teas up, heater running now you have done everything that gives you a home sweet home and score yourself a perfect winter relocation experience. 

Need Help Moving?

Moving to a new home or office is an exciting time, and ensuring the transition is simple and easy is very important. Our top tips are designed to help you achieve your seamless move.

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