Moving houses is already a stressful experience but relocating fragile items can elevate the overwhelming process. Therefore, it’s crucial to be prepared before the move. 

Since 2016, Right-Way Relocations are the trusted removalist experts providing their services across Adelaide. We are proudly the number 1 removalist company in South Australia providing a wide range of moving services specialising in fragile items. If you require any help for your next relocation, contact our team to plan your moving day. 

We are frequently asked what’s the best way to pack fragile items and how to prevent valuables from getting broken. Therefore, in this guide, we’ll provide you with all the essential go-to’s and how-to’s when packing and storing breakable items. 

4 delicate tips for packing fragile items

Wrapping fragile items

Before packing any fragile items, establish a rough list of all the fragile items you plan to take and determine how they can be packed together with alike items. Correctly packing delicate objects requires a bit of strategising and preparation to ensure that all items in the box will arrive safely.

Additionally, before the packing commences, it is imperative to stock up on certain materials before the process begins. For additional protection, we recommend using packing paper as it acts as a shock-absorbing layer filling that will fill up empty space inside the boxes. 

The second method to ensure your items are protected is by using bubble wrap. It’s the most common safeguard for valuable items by acting as extra insulation to defend your valuables during transportation. 

When wrapping items such as plates, cups, glasses we recommend double layering the bubble wrap and securing it with tape. Affordable bubble wrap can be purchased at Able packaging in Mile End.  

Another option is using towels and old clothing for protection. The advantage of this is it’s cost-effective and it is great when squeezing items into boxes, can be used to protect smaller fragile items.  

How to store fragile items

“How to store fragile items?” is a frequent question we get asked. Our number 1 tip is to stack together breakable bowls and plates. Ensure the cardboard is strong at the bottom of the box, then place a towel or a piece of bubble wrap between each item. 

Do not stack over five plates, once stacked together place bubble wrap around the stack and seal with tape. Lastly, ensure they are stored vertically to reduce their surface area. It is essential to restrict the amount of shaking when relocating by packing everything snuggly. 

It’s apparent that most people buy their boxes in the same size, however, we recommend that it is more optimal to get an array of boxes in different dimensions.  We advise placing heavy fragile items in smaller boxes as it eliminates less space for the items to move around when being transported. 

We recommend checking out National Storage. They have a few locations around metro Adelaide for packing and moving boxes. Their boxes come in a selection of different sizes and types for whatever good they may carry whether it’s glasses, furniture, electronics etc. 

To further protect your fragile items during the move, it is important to label the boxes ‘fragile’ so everyone assisting in the moving process can handle the boxes accordingly with extra care. 

Hire a removalist

The easiest method to transfer your items to your new location is to hire a removalist. A removalist is there to take all the stress away- they essentially come in and take care of the whole moving process. From removing furniture, electronics and other heavy household items that are prone to cause an injury if not moved correctly. 

To reduce the overwhelming experience, save time and hassle when moving then Right-Way Relocations can assist. We are a local Adelaide removalist company offering the service of our highly experienced movers to make your relocation smooth and seamless. 

We will ensure that the entire relocation is optimally taken care of from packing fragile and delicate items to large and heavy items into our trusted removal trucks, transporting them carefully to your new location. Contact us for a quote here for your next move. 

Unpacking fragile items

From our recommended sufficient packing methods and labelling, you will have set yourself up to unpack efficiently. However, once the moving process is complete, it is best to develop a strategy for setting up fragile items in your new location. 

To unpack fragile items seamlessly, you must make a mental or physical list of what specific items were packed in what particular box, so they get handled correctly when being unwrapped and avoid getting lost. It will help to label the boxes what room you would like the removalist to carry them to, to keep everything organised. 

Once you have completed unpacking, regulate what moving materials you’re able to reuse that will be valuable for your next transportation in the future.