Whether it’s your first time relocating to Adelaide or you’re returning to the City of Churches, you’ll understand that transitioning within suburbs or from interstate can be quite stressful.

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So why move to Adelaide? We hope our helpful guide will ensure you’re better equipped for your upcoming or future relocation to the Great Southern State.

What You Need To Know


The biggest decision you’ll have to make is which suburb to live in Adelaide? There are over 200 situated within the main part of Adelaide ranging from inside the CBD or just a short drive into the city centre. Your lifestyle will dictate where might be best for you, here are just a few suburbs to whet your appetite.


Just a short drive from the CBD, Kensington is renowned for its Victorian-style architecture and beautiful gardens. It’s also a minute or two away from the Parade, home to many delicious eateries and pubs.

Henley Beach

For those seeking a life near the beach, Henley Beach offers very affordable housing for singles and families. Situated right near its namesake, it’s perfect for going on a casual walk and getting a nice cup of coffee.

North Adelaide

For high-class living north of the CBD, North Adelaide is the place to be. It’s just walking distance to the infamous St. Peter’s Cathedral and the sporting chapel of South Australian sports, the Adelaide Oval. North Adelaide offers plenty for foodies on O’Connell Street, providing a mix of cultures and is a hive of activity during the weekends.


Education plays a pivotal role in Adelaide, and families will be pleased to note that the educating process can commence at aged 4, with children guaranteed a position at the preschool level before attending school the following year.

Adelaide is surrounded by a mix of public and private schools, ranging from primary schools providing education between Reception to Year Six and then transition into High School. Other’s schools like Sacred Heart College in Brighton offer Reception to Year 12.

Adelaide has six recognised universities with five of those based in the heart of the CBD. The University of South Australia has four campuses throughout the state specialising in journalism, marketing and medical science. Those who seek a degree in IT, commerce and engineering will opt for the prestigious University of Adelaide. And then there is Flinders University, now known for its excellent law degrees and is well regarded for having a strong reputation within medicine. 

All universities offer a vast contrast in skill sets and student experience, those who don’t opt for university have the opportunity to head to TAFE for a more hands-on education post high school.

Adelaide’s Not So Hidden Gem

Known as the capital of wine in Australia, South Australia is heavily populated with some of the most recognisable wineries in the World. 

Well known regions like the Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale are just an hour or so away from Adelaide’s city centre, but there are also a bunch of hidden gems waiting to be explored.

An example of this is Kimbolton Wines in Langhorne Creek which is a 55-minute drive from Adelaide. This family-run winery has been in existence since 1947 and offers a family-friendly experience that can be enjoyed with Kimbolton’s traditional and alternative varietal wines

For those seeking something closer to home, Penfolds Magill Estate provides a rustic, country feel to its otherwise suburban surroundings. 

Or perhaps you seek more in the way of taste testing? Wine SA offers a range of courses to test the most experienced palettes.

If you haven’t guessed it already, Adelaide is a wine loving city.

Cost Of Living

Adelaide is a very affordable place to live when compared to the Eastern states and there is a good reason for this. On average, workers in Adelaide have an average monthly income of $4523.11. Compare this to those in Sydney who earn $6145.65 per month. 

This also translates into the housing market. For example; if you were looking for a 3-bedroom apartment in the inner city of Adelaide, you could be looking to pay up to $2500.53 per month. In Sydney, that same apartment would go for $4739.81. 

That’s almost double!

Of course, Sydney does pip in other categories like public transport and being cheaper for basic utilities. However, in a general sense, the cost of living in Adelaide is far cheaper than in Sydney.

Need Help Moving?

Adelaide is a fantastic city to live in with excellent infrastructure, tourist attractions and plenty to keep couples and families busy. Its affordability has helped Adelaide become the place to not only move for individuals but also set up long-term residencies. 

So when you decide to make the move to Adelaide or are just moving suburbs, be sure to contact the team at Right-Way Relocations.