One of the hardest pieces of furniture to move is a piano. For this reason, there are so many for sale across Australia. People prefer to sell them than get them moved.

At Right Way Relocations we pride ourselves on looking after our clients with all their relocation needs. When it comes to pianos there are specific procedures we take when it comes to relocating your piano.

When it comes to relocating a piano what’s really important is attention to detail when taking it out of the home and placing it onto the truck. The piano is the first thing we move into your home. We place the piano at the back of the truck, this is the safest place for it. We make sure it’s secured. We triple check that it’s secure and ready for the drive coming up.

Our Adelaide team will come into your home and find the best way to get the piano out of the house. We will ensure when taking it out no walls are scratched. We cover the piano with non-slip blankets to ensure it’s safety. We also ensure to remove the legs of the piano for relocation. They are fragile and can break during the relocation.

When placing the piano on the truck for relocation our team will make sure there is enough padding to ensure the piano is safe during the trip. Relocating your piano our drivers will ensure to drive carefully to ensure no damage is caused.

Our Adelaide team specialises in attention to detail. When it comes to relocating your piano, talk to our team. We will find the right time that’s convenient for you. They will work with you and make sure it’s a smooth relocation.