Moving from a house to a new one could be such a hassle. It is challenging for families to relocate all their belongings, especially massive big furniture during the process. For example, bed frames, piano, pool table, gym set, dining table, cabinets etc.

Moving by yourself is not a problem, gathering some friends and renting vans is so common these days. Protecting furniture while moving is another story.

No one would want to see the items get damaged when finished moving. The furniture could easily be scratched if not appropriately wrapped and obtain marks while moving in and out of the property. Without experience and proper tools to operate, reaching out to furniture removalists to make your life easier is not a bad idea.

Since 2016, Right-Way Relocations are the trusted removalist experts providing their services across Adelaide. We are proudly the number 1 removalist company in South Australia providing a wide range of moving services specialising in fragile items. If you require any help for your next relocation, contact our team to plan your moving day.

We are frequently asked what’s the procedure when it comes down to preventing furniture from getting scratched. This guide will provide you with the necessary information on protecting your furniture from an expert point of view.

Useful Packing Materials

Cardboard boxes and packing tape will only provide the most basic protection for keeping the furniture safe.

Some valuable materials that aren’t expensive:

  • Bubble Wrap can be easily purchased at Officeworks, Australian Post and is the most common use of protection items.
  • Covers (Mattress, sofa) can be found at Bunnings and Kmart that could add an extra layer of protection when moving.
  • Stretch Plastic wrap could firmly hold items together and offer additional stability during transportation.
  • Corrugated Cardboard Boxes have an additional cushioning function that makes them strong and steady to minimise impact.

Pre-packing & Disassemble Your Furniture

If your furniture can be disassembled, that will make your moving and removalist jobs easier. Any of these actions, such as removing knobs, casters, and handles, would be able to create more space in the moving truck and will lower the risk of breaking since they can be packed in boxes.

To avoid any unnecessary damages or unwanted scratches, a quick clean up with cloth wiping off dust and other loose particles would undoubtedly play a big part as well. And add some bubble wrap or covers at the end to add extra protection. Some tips:

  • Check the official manual for the proper way of disconnecting parts.
  • Gather the necessary components, pieces, and screws into sealable bags and clearly label them. 
  • Take photos or videos to help re-assemble the elements as a reference.

Furniture Placement Tactic

Having an excellent tactical scheme for the furniture to stay stable is an area people can mess up during the transport phase. 

  • Place more oversized items that are solid and firm first to create a strong wall, and use straps to connect the sides, which will also stabilise the movement.
  • Place the heavy boxes on the bottom of the trunk floor, creating a steady base. Don’t just stack boxes on top of one another. Then you can put lighter boxes and loose items on top or sides.
  • Pay extra attention when unloading the truck as well. Crystal clear instructions are critical when it comes to moving items. Having a clear path with no obstacles is a must, or else it will easily cause damage to the frontline and personnel.  

Moving houses is not a fast task; it takes a lot of time for preparation and energy. We strongly advise you to prepare and organise way before the moving day (at least a week but preferably two weeks).

The more time and effort you go through the furniture and prepping them ready to go, the less stress it will take and most likely, the items will not be damaged during the move. Follow the guidelines provided to help your new home get ready sooner than expected.

The easiest method to shift your furniture to your new spot is to hire a removalist. A removalist is here to take the pressure and tension away.

At Right-Way Relocations, we are your one-stop shop solution. We have all the required materials for packing, such as bubble wrap, boxes and a list of full range removal trucks which can load all your furniture.

We guarantee 100% from the start and ensure the relocation process is fully taken care of. If not moved correctly, electronics and other heavy household items could cause unrecoverable injuries, from packing fragile objects to delicate items.

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